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Fort Lauderdale car accident lawyerAn unexpected car accident in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, can disrupt your life. The expenses from potential medical bills, repairs to your car, as well as the stress from dealing with insurance companies can be overwhelming.

An experienced Fort Lauderdale car accident lawyer can help guide you through the legal process and support you during these challenging times.

Imagine you are on I-95 on your way back from an event at the The Wharf in Fort Lauderdale and you get sideswiped by an aggressive driver merging into heavy traffic.

Or perhaps you get rear ended by a distracted driver on U.S. 1 on your way to the Lauderdale Yacht Club. While these are hypothetical situations, accidents like these are not uncommon. Our skilled car accident attorneys in Fort Lauderdale understand, and can help you recover damages and get your life back on track.

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How Often Do Car Crashes Occur in Fort Lauderdale, Florida?

According to the FLHSMV Annual Traffic Crash Reports, in 2023, there were a staggering 16,301 total injury crashes in Broward County. These numbers clearly illustrate the high risk of auto accidents in and around Fort Lauderdale.

Fatalities resulting from these collisions are also significant. In 2023, there were 205 fatalities in Broward County, down slightly from the previous year in which there were 276 total fatalities. 

Our experienced car accident lawyers in Fort Lauderdale know that the aftermath of a car crash in South Florida can be physically, emotionally, and financially distressing. This is when you need a law firm such as Schilling & Silvers Property and Accident Attorneys that you can trust to advocate for your rights and fight for the compensation you deserve. Contact us today for a free case evaluation.

What Is Causing So Many Fort Lauderdale Car Accidents?

The causes of car crashes are multi-faceted. One notable factor is the city’s high activity level, making it a bustling urban center. Additionally, the city attracts a large number of tourists and visitors, many of whom need to familiarize themselves with the local roads. This lack of familiarity often leads to confusion and, subsequently, accidents.

Some of the most common causes which our experienced Fort Lauderdale car accident attorneys see are:

  1. Speeding: Speeding significantly increases the risk of accidents by compromising a driver’s ability to navigate turns and reducing reaction time.
  1. Failing to Obey Traffic Lights: Disregarding stop signs or running red lights can lead to severe side-impact crashes, especially dangerous for occupants of smaller vehicles. This includes drivers in Fort Lauderdale racing to “beat” the red light.
  1. Texting While Driving: Illegal in Florida, texting while driving contributes to 1.6 million annual crashes, emphasizing the risks associated with distracted driving.
  1. Drunk Driving: Whether exceeding legal blood alcohol content or under the influence of substances, impaired judgment poses a severe risk on the road.
  1. Bad Weather: Inclement weather conditions, common in Florida, increase accident risks by making roads slippery and reducing visibility.
  1. Fatigued or Drowsy Driving: Long hours at work or commuting in heavy traffic contributes to falling asleep behind the wheel, resulting in slower reaction times and compromised attention.

What is Negligence in a Car Accident Claim in Fort Lauderdale, Florida?

what is negligence in a car accident claim in Fort Lauderdale FloridaUnderstanding the concept of negligence is critical when it comes to car crashes in Fort Lauderdale because it often determines who is liable or legally responsible for the damages. Negligence is failing to act with the care a reasonable person would have exercised in the same situation.

Our legal team is often asked about Florida’s car crash laws and Florida’s new pure comparative negligence laws in particular. What these laws mean is that the court considers each person’s level of fault in the accident when deciding how much compensation to give.

Even if you were partly to blame for the accident, you could still get your money back. However, the court will reduce the money you get by the amount they found you at fault.

For example, if the court decided you were responsible for 20% of the damage and the total compensation was $100,000, they would award you $80,000. Proving negligence in a Florida car accident involves four elements:

  • You were owed a duty of care – The defendant (the person getting sued) had a legal obligation to drive carefully and obey traffic laws.
  • Breach of that duty – The defendant did not uphold this duty of care (for example, by speeding, running a red light, etc.).
  • Causation as a result of that breach – The defendant’s breach of duty directly caused the accident and the plaintiff’s (the person who is suing) injuries.
  • You suffered damages – The plaintiff suffered injuries or losses as a result.

Collecting evidence to support these elements can be difficult, which is where an attorney can help. They can help gather the evidence you need, such as police reports, witness testimony, and medical records, to build a strong case and pursue the compensation you deserve.

Who Can Be Held Liable For an Auto Accident in Fort Lauderdale?

Determining who is responsible for a car accident can be a complex task. Nevertheless, in Florida, the concept of comparative negligence is used. This implies that the liability for the accident can be distributed among several parties based on their respective percentage of fault.

To navigate this process and identify potentially responsible parties, it is advisable to seek the guidance of an experienced attorney in maneuvering through this intricate process and pinpointing potentially responsible parties, including:

  • The driver(s) of other vehicles involved in the crash
  • Government agencies responsible for road maintenance or signage
  • Manufacturers of defective car parts
  • Any other party whose actions or negligence contributed to the accident

What Types of Fort Lauderdale Car Crash Claims Does Your Firm Handle?

The expert legal team at our law firm are well-versed in a range of car accident cases in Fort Lauderdale, adeptly navigating the intricate details of each scenario to secure the best possible outcomes for our clients. Here are some of the specific types of auto accident claims we handle:

  • Rear-end accidents – Often caused by tailgating or distracted driving, rear-end collisions can lead to severe injuries such as whiplash. The team investigates these incidents thoroughly to determine liability and secure compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and other damages.
  • Wrong-way accidents – These horrifying crashes often transpire on one-way streets, highway ramps, or divided highways and frequently involve drivers who are impaired, disoriented, or unfamiliar with the local traffic patterns. The devastation caused by these accidents is often substantial, with a high likelihood of severe injuries or fatalities. Establishing liability usually involves demonstrating the at-fault driver’s negligence, often related to impairment or recklessness.
  • Taxi Accidents: with many companies such as Yellow Cab, Turo, Sunshine Broward, Black Diamond Transfers, and others with drivers working long shifts in the city these accidents are not uncommon. We also handle accidents involving shuttles, limos, and more.
  • Highway accidents – A skilled car accident attorney in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, will be well aware that major highways in and around the city, like US 1, US 27, and US 441, along with Interstates I-75, I-95, and I-595 in Broward County, experience high traffic and have a high risk of accidents. These incidents can be particularly complex, with multi-vehicle pile-ups, high-speed impacts, and severe injuries or fatalities. Investigating these accidents requires a meticulous review of accident reports, witness testimonies, and sometimes reconstruction of the accident scene.
  • Head-on collisions – Primarily caused by reckless or distracted driving, these accidents often lead to severe injuries or fatalities due to the substantial force of impact. Proving liability in these cases frequently involves demonstrating that the at-fault driver crossed the center line or entered a one-way road in the wrong direction.
  • Distracted driving accidents – Activities like texting, eating, adjusting the radio, or even engaging in intense conversations can divert a driver’s attention from the road, leading to accidents. Identifying distraction as the cause of an accident usually involves gathering evidence such as mobile phone records, witness accounts, or in-vehicle data.
  • Intersection Accidents – With many dangerous intersections in Fort Lauderdale, including Sunrise Boulevard, 27th Avenue and Broward Boulevard, Oakland Park Boulevard, and others, the risk of intersection accidents is very high.
  • Speeding accidents – Exceeding the speed limit is a common cause of accidents and often results in more severe crashes due to the increased force of impact. Proving speeding typically involves using police reports, traffic camera footage, and sometimes expert testimony regarding the physical evidence at the accident scene.
  • T-bone accidents: also known as “broadside collisions” these types of crashes often occur at intersections and can cause serious damages.
  • Rideshare Accidents: Accidents with Lyft, and other rideshare companies such as Uber happen all the time in the city. Whether you were a passenger or simply involved in a crash with a rideshare vehicle an experienced auto accident lawyer can help.

Can I Handle My Own Case, or Should I Hire a Fort Lauderdale Car Accident Lawyer?

Can I handle my own Fort Lauderdale car accident claim or do I need an attorneyWhile it’s technically possible to handle your claim without the assistance of a legal representative, it’s not always the best idea. After an auto accident, you might consider taking on the claim process yourself to save on legal fees. However, the process can be complicated and challenging, particularly when serious injuries are involved.

The legal landscape of car accidents involves understanding Florida’s “pure comparative negligence” laws, dealing with insurance companies, and sometimes going to court. You must also understand how to calculate a fair settlement, including quantifying non-economic damages like pain and suffering, which isn’t always straightforward.

It might make sense to handle your claim in specific scenarios, such as when injuries are minor, the fault is apparent, and the other side cooperates. However, even in seemingly simple cases, unexpected complications can arise.

For example, the at-fault party’s insurance company may dispute liability, or your injuries might be more severe than initially thought. Having skilled and experienced attorneys on your side can be invaluable in such scenarios. They can navigate the complexities of the legal system, negotiate with insurance companies, and fight for your rights in court if necessary.

How Will Florida's No-Fault Laws May Impact My Fort Lauderdale Car Accident Claim?

As outlined in Florida Statute § 627.737, Florida is a no-fault state, which means that each driver’s insurance company will pay for their medical bills and lost wages, regardless of who is at fault for the accident up to a certain amount. However, there are situations where you can file a personal injury lawsuit in Fort Lauderdale against the other driver if your injuries are considered “serious” under Florida law.

Under Florida law, injuries are considered “serious” if they result in death, debilitating injury, or severe property damage. Persuasive injuries are those that a reasonable person would consider potentially life-threatening or catastrophic. For example, a broken bone or a deep cut would likely meet Florida’s serious injury threshold, while a small bruise or cut would not.

Property damage is also considered “serious” if it is extensive and would require significant repairs. In short, the seriousness of an injury will be evaluated based on its effects on the victim’s health and well-being, as well as the extent of any property damage. If you have been injured in an accident, it is crucial to seek medical attention immediately and to speak with an experienced Fort Lauderdale car accident attorney to discuss your legal options.

What Factors Could Affect My Fort Lauderdale Car Accident Settlement Amount?

The settlement amounts for car crash claims in Fort Lauderdale can be influenced by various factors. These factors can significantly affect the final amount that a victim may receive in their settlement.

One of the main factors is the severity of the injuries sustained in the accident. A minor injury with a quick recovery might mean a smaller settlement, while more severe or permanent injuries could result in much larger payments. The need for ongoing medical care, rehabilitation, and long-term impact on quality of life are all factors the courts consider when determining a settlement amount.

Another critical factor is the extent of property damage. For instance, if a car got totaled in an accident, the court would consider this when calculating the settlement.

The insurance policies of both parties involved in the accident will also play a crucial role in the settlement amount. The victim’s insurance policy limits and the at-fault party’s coverage can impact the final payout.

Medical expenses are another significant factor. For instance, ambulance rides to local hospitals like Broward General or Holy Cross can be very expensive, and emergency room visits can cost thousands, depending on the required treatment. It’s also essential to consider factors such as lost wages due to missed work, pain and suffering, and decreased earning capacity due to injuries. These elements will get evaluated when determining a fair and comprehensive settlement for a car accident claim in Florida.

Is There a Time Limit to File a Fort Lauderdale Car Accident Lawsuit?

Florida’s statute of limitations for car accident claims is two years. This means individuals have a two-year window from the date of the accident to initiate legal proceedings. It’s a critical time frame that, if missed, can lead to severe consequences, including dismissal of the case and forfeiting the right to compensation.

Attempting to file a lawsuit beyond this two-year limit can result in the defense moving for dismissal, and the court denying the case. Individuals may be barred from filing any related lawsuits, regardless of the circumstances or the strength of their claims.

While navigating the consequences of a car accident can be overwhelming, understanding the local statistics, common causes, and legal considerations can empower you to make informed decisions. Remember, an experienced car accident lawyer in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, can be your invaluable guide through this challenging process, ensuring you receive the compensation and justice you deserve.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Fort Lauderdale is a gorgeous city with an intricate network of waterways, making it a unique and vibrant part of the Sunshine State. Its beautiful beaches, lively arts scene, and year-round sunshine attract millions of visitors from around the globe. However, not just the canals and beaches give Fort Lauderdale its character. The city’s transportation network, a critical factor in its economic vitality and bustling tourism industry, is a crucial part of its identity.

Fort Lauderdale has abundant resources for those needing auto repairs, a couple of which include:

Wales Garage – As a family-owned business that’s been around for over 40 years, they offer top-quality automotive services and are known for their expertise in foreign and domestic vehicles.

Arctic Auto Center – a full-service auto repair shop that has served the community for over 25 years. Their team of skilled mechanics is dedicated to providing reliable and efficient service.

Layton’s Garage – Layton’s can take care of transmission repair, suspension repair, engine diagnostics, and additional services.

Chrome Rose Auto – the certified technicians at Chrome Rose offer a high level of customer service and specialize in repairing cars damaged in collisions in Fort Lauderdale.

In What Locations Does Schilling & Silvers Property and Accident Attorneys Handle Car Accidents?

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We bring our wealth of experience and depth of legal knowledge to the table to help our clients effectively advocate for their rights. Known for our dedication and tenacity, our team strives to deliver the best possible results for our clients, ensuring that every client receives the compensation they deserve.

If you’ve been involved in a car wreck, you can trust our legal team to provide the expert guidance and support you need. Read our client testimonials here.

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